Digital Data Storage

NERR has created a secure, climate controlled environment that protects your computer and tape media. The temperature and humidity in our vault is controlled by a separate heating and cooling unit. This vault has a fire rating of four hours and is monitored. We can set up tape rotations to keep your back up tapes off of your site in the event of a building catastrophe or a database crash.

  • Storage and retrieval of files, CD’s, microfilm, microfiche, and assorted tapes: DLT, LTO, DAT/DDS, 4MM and 8MM.
  • Pick up and delivery service of files and tapes
  • Shelving and file cabinets in the vault for easy storage
  • We use the O’Neil Software Inventory System that with barcodes: locates, tracks and organizes all of your media data.
  • NERR offers for sale, various size hard cases to protect and transport your media data from place to place.

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